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Francis McBurney


Angol tanár

My name is Francis McBurney. I'm originally from Vancouver, Canada and I have been living in Hungary since 2016. I am a Native English Speaker and have my TEFL/TESOL Certification. If you're looking to improve your English, I will help you expand your vocabulary, correct your pronunciation and speak in a more fluent manner. I can help you become more confident with English on an everyday basis. I work with a wide range of students in age, skill level and occupation. My lessons are 60 minutes in a 1 to 1 format, this allows me to customize the lesson to suit your needs.

Whatever it is that you need help with; preparing for exams, creating a CV, a future job interview and using English to communicate at work. Learn how to interact with your colleagues on a formal and informal basis. Share ideas and information more easily, save time by communicating more precisely. I can help you with any form of written communication; email, reports, blogs, etc. Write more efficiently and develop stronger business relationships - results which positively impact all levels of an organization.

I'm also a professional actor and can help students become more effective speakers and presenters in the workplace. Whether you need to give an in-person presentation or via the web, I teach the techniques necessary to achieve a high-level performance. Learn how to optimize your power-point presentations and webinars.

Make impactful presentations through preparation and technique and keep your audience engaged. You'll work on how to confidently and successfully establish contact with the audience and feel less nervous before going on stage. Learn techniques on how to memorize your presentation text and not to forget it. Learn how to predict answers to questions from your audience and have prepared replies. You'll train in non-verbal communication (gestures, postures, voice etc.). Success happens when preparation and opportunity meet.





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Angol nyelv Alapfok, Középfok, Felsőfok, Speciális nyelv6000 Ft / 60 perc

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