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Cintia Paez - angol tanár, spanyol tanár


Angol tanár, Spanyol tanár

Hey there!!
My name is Cintia and I am a native Spanish speaker from Argentina. I am also a certified English teacher, and it has been more than a decade by now that I have been teaching English as a second language.

I am a very patient and out-going person, and I absolutely love teaching - either English or Spanish. For me it is a great reward to help people improve/enhance their communication skills.

Together we can work on conversation skills, grammar, pronunciation, specific purposes, and whatever else you may desire at your own pace and time.

The schedule will be set by you. You may cancel or reschedule any of your classes, or change your schedule completely by simply giving me a 48-hour notice.

Nowadays, due to the Covid circumstances, classes are delivered only via Zoom/Skype, so as to keep both parts in a safe environment.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

You can reach me anytime here:
Whatsapp: +5492604813957
Instagram: @spanish_on_line

Thanks for your time and have a great day!!






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Angol nyelv Kezdő, Alapfok, Középfok, Felsőfok, Speciális nyelv8000 Ft / 90 perc
Angol nyelv Középfok, Felsőfok6000 Ft / 60 perc
Spanyol nyelv Kezdő, Alapfok, Középfok, Felsőfok, Speciális nyelv8000 Ft / 90 perc
Spanyol nyelv Kezdő, Alapfok, Középfok, Felsőfok, Speciális nyelv6000 Ft / 60 perc

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