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John Pontifex


Angol nyelv tanár,

I have learnt several foreign languages and taught English in a variety of settings, so I have plenty of experience from both sides. I know how easy and enjoyable language learning can be if it is done right - and how hard if it is not. I have encountered many language teaching methods and students with all kinds of abilities, difficulties, language learning needs and personalities, so I can definitely find the right approach for you! I also speak fluent Hungarian, but in the interest of your progress, I prefer to keep my lessons completely in English.

I offer classes for students with level B1 or higher. I can offer you:

- Preparation for any language exam you are planning to take

- Conversation classes to improve your speaking confidence and fluency and to expand your vocabulary with all the nuances and weird and wonderful expressions that only a native speaker can offer

- Writing classes, whether it's general English, school/language exam/academic essays, CVs and cover letters or even fiction (I am an aspiring novelist)

- Proofreading, whether together, during a class, or alone, after which we can discuss my corrections, if needed

- Pronunciation practice

- Lessons tailored to your individual needs

- As a graduate from the University of Oxford, I can help you with personal statements and interview preparation for application to unviersities in England

- And last (but certainly not least!), a lively, stimulating, encouraging environment for your language lessons. Who says we can't learn and have fun at the same time?

I offer classes online and in the 13th District, near Margit híd.





Budapest, XIII.
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Angol nyelv Alapfok, Középfok, Felsőfok, Speciális nyelv8000 Ft / 60 perc

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