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Angol tanár: Makkay-Chambers Adrienne


Adrienne Makkay-Chambers - ONLINE English for Professionals

Angol tanár

Want to be more successful in business and personal life through developing your English? You can do it in a series of short sessions, even if you haven’t had much confidence in communicating with foreigners before!

Attend my tailor-made classes on a wide range of Conversation and Business English topics to develop your language skills and business competencies further, or prepare for an exam in English.

By taking these classes you can

• broaden your vocabulary,
• improve your intonation to sound 'more English',
• discuss business and general topics at a higher level,
• become more confident and effective in negotiating with your foreign business partners and
• advance your professional career further.

Get in touch to request a free consultation – I shall be delighted to discuss your development needs and help you with lots of focused language practice and communication tips in English thereafter!

About me:

My name is Adrienne Makkay-Chambers, I am a seasoned English language teacher and international trainer in management skills with near-native proficiency of English.

After graduating in English in Hungary, I moved to the UK, and spent a significant part of my life in Cambridge where I ran my own English language school. While in the UK, I studied further: I pursued an MBA at Durham University and later I did a post-graduate diploma in Human Resource Development at BPP University in London, where I subsequently acted as a teacher, too. I also gained considerable business experience through working as an international management consultant and professional trainer for large multinational companies such as Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, Renault, etc. across the EMEA region.

All in all, I have worked in international business for more than 25 years and taught in 25 countries from the UK to the United Arab Emirates - always in English, of course!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Cheers, Adrienne



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